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SwiftK12 - School Messaging System


SwiftK12 - Subscribing to School Alerts

Effective communication is an important tool to allow us to engage students, staff, parents and all stakeholders in support of student achievement.

The UCF Swift K12 school notification system is used for sending out important updates for your students including school closures, safety information, events, and general information. SwiftK12 is embedded within your PowerSchool account and allows you to choose what messages you would like to receive from the district.

To ensure we maintain the best contact information for your child, please log in to the parent portal and review your data and alert preferences.

  1. Log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal. Contact your schools main office if you need help logging in.

  2. Click the SwiftReach/Swift K12 link in the upper left corner of the page - located under Alerting

  3. Once you are on the SwiftK12 page, please click the Contact Information link in the upper right corner. Verify all information is accurate. Please make sure you Save any changes made.

  4. Once you verify your contact information is correct please click the Alert Preferences link in the upper right corner.

  5. The Alert page allows you to choose what communications you would like to receive from the district.
    Please Note - Emergency Preferences CANNOT be changed for safety of our students.