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Birthday Book Club

The Chadds Ford Elementary School Library's Birthday Book Club invites your child to participate by donating $15 to our school library.  In return, your child will select a book from the "Birthday Book Box" and donate it to the library in honor of their birthday.  Your child's name will be inscribed in the book, and they will be the first one to check it out of the library.  this program enables us to expand our library's collection and fund library programs in a way that will honor your child's special day for years to come.

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District Library Curriculum

The Unionville-Chadds Ford Elementary Library program operates in four schools and is a combination of a Fixed Schedule and a Flexible Schedule. The libraries and their resources are available to students every school day.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade has a fixed class during the 6-day cycle, which is used for literature experiences, information literacy skills and checkout. These classes may also use the library during open slots for flexible scheduling needs. Classroom teachers have prep time during these classes.

Grades 3-5 have a scheduled checkout period during the 6-day cycle, but information literacy classes and literature experiences are scheduled by the librarian and teacher to meet the needs of the classroom, students. and curriculum. The librarian is responsible for teaching the information literacy curriculum during classes scheduled in conjunction with the classroom teachers, which may be part of curricular projects. Each of the 3-5 classrooms completes several shared projects with the library. Classroom teachers stay with their classes during these lessons: these are not part of their prep time.

The curriculum for the elementary school incorporates literature and information literacy skills, which are based on the Big 6 information literacy model and the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner. Skills are distributed across the grade levels on a scope and sequence document, but the librarian has a good deal of flexibility in choosing how to present material and which literature experiences they choose for each level. Librarians may work with individuals, small groups or whole classes during a flex-scheduled day.

The elementary library program seeks to develop in students, lifelong learning skills and a love for literature, as well as prepare students to be responsible digital citizens.


Shannon Price

Titles: Librarian

Welcome to the
Chadds Ford Elementary School Library

Welcome to our library - a place where we hope to inspire our young readers to continue working on their literacy goals, and to create a life-long love of reading!

The library program has a well-defined curriculum. Its purposes include promoting a love and appreciation of reading and good literature, instructing students in technology-based research, and enabling the students to become life-long users of the library.

So pull up a chair and grab a book. Get ready, get set, READ!

The CFES library is open daily from 8:55am-3:30pm.

To log in to Destiny, please use your district Google username and password.


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