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Press Release

The 69th Annual Art Show was a great success! What a tremendous tradition we have at Chadds Ford! We were blessed with nice weather and over the course of two days, we seemed to have a consistent presence of visitors.

Sincere thanks to everyone who volunteered and supported the Art Show in some capacity. It has become a truly unique and time-honored event that would not be possible without the amazing efforts of so many people.

The Art Show proceeds provide the PTO with the funding and opportunity to support our school and your children with so many unique and wonderful experiences.

Special thanks to the Art Show PTO Chair, Nicole Scull and her husband Nick, and the following parents who spent countless hours with the organization and facilitation of the event: Betty Kucharczuk, Tanya Cranmer, Jenn Sheenan, Danielle Iannacco, Kara Hyman, Sue Alivio, Jessica Lang, Joyce Yoon, Diane Micklin, Lauren McLaughlin, Jill Holmes, Varsha Jain, Diane Suchodolski, Anna Marcotte, Denise Blango, and Christina Condelles.

Big thanks to our custodians, Craig Ellis, Stanley Jones, Jerry Edwards, and Ron Richmond, and office personnel, Jeanine McCloskey and Cindy Poe.

Next year, the CFE Art Show turns 70!