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Welcome to Chadds Ford Elementary School




3 Baltimore Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
(610)-388-1112 - (610)-388-8481 (fax)
Principal: Dennis McKnight (interim)


Contact Information

Dennis McKnight

Titles: Principal (Interim)
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-388-1112 ext. 3752

Jeanine McCloskey

Titles: Office Manager
Phone Numbers:
School: 610-388-1112 ext. 3723



School Days by the Brandywine Our school has a unique past, which dates back to the early 1900s. Although the school has gone through many changes over time, it remains a place of academic excellence and pride. To learn more about the rich history of our school, please see the article below, which was written by Mary W. McMullan, who taught at Chadds Ford Elementary School from 1929 - 1971.

School Days by the Brandywine

Art Show

Chadds Ford Elementary School has strong ties with our local art community. Each year, the Chadds Ford PTO hosts the Chadds Ford Art Show and Sale. Local artists from around the region display and sell original and printed pieces of art. Proceeds from this event benefit our students and school projects.

Chadds Ford Art Show

May Fair

The May Fair was once known as May Day. It was first held on Saturday, May 21, 1949 and included events such as square dancing, crowning of the May Queen, and the May Pole Dance. The May Fair continues today and still features many of these activities. Our annual May Fair is not only a day of fun for students, but also a time for our entire school to reflect on our rich history, which we hold so dear.